Courtney SheinmelA List of Things about Me: by Courtney Sheinmel

1. I live in New York City.

2.  As I write this I’m sitting by a window that looks out on some pretty famous buildings, like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. They both have very pointy tops so they’re easy to spot.

3. I didn’t always live in New York. I was born in California and my first house was in a city called San Mateo.

4. I was always the shortest kid in my grade.

5. The town of Somers, California, where Stella and her family live, is made up, but I picture it kind of looking like San Mateo.

6. I often name characters and places and things after people I know in real-life. Somers is the middle name of one of my dearest friends. The next door neighbor Maverick is named after another friend’s son. And Stella’s classmate Arielle is named after my best friend Arielle. (But my Arielle is not so shy.)

7. STELLA BATTS HAS A NEW NAME is my fifth book. My first four books were for middle grade readers, and they’re called: MY SO-CALLED FAMILY, POSITIVELY, SINCERELY and ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE.

8. Things I love to eat: macaroni and cheese, most vegetables (especially broccoli and Brussels sprouts), spicy salmon sushi rolls , cupcakes, brownie pie.

9. Things I don’t love to eat: olives, chickpeas, curry, tunafish, apple pie.

10. If I wasn’t a writer, I want to be a singer and a star in a bunch of Broadway musicals. But I can’t carry a tune, so I guess it’s a good thing I have writing to fall back on.

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